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Ždiar on the Sasau is a historic town with a UNESCO-listed pilgrimage church of St. John of Nepomuk. It is considered one of the baroque masterpieces of Czech architecture and one of the most outstanding designs by Jan Blažej Santini-Aichel.

The settlement that transformed into Ždiar on the Sasau was established near the river crossing and mainly benefited from merchants traveling ford. In 1252 a Cistercian monastery was founded here, which quickly became one of the most important religious centers in this part of Bohemia. He also had extensive goods, thanks to which he could constantly expand.

The monastery in Zdiar experienced its greatest splendor in the 18th century. It was then that it was expanded by Jan Blažej Santini-Aichel. According to the architect's designs, the Sanctuary of St. John of Nepomuk, on the so-called Zelena Hora. A small star-shaped church is surrounded by stellar buildings. It is considered a masterpiece of baroque architecture.

After the monasteries were dissolved by Joseph II, the property of the Cistercians from Ždiar fell into the hands of the Kinski family. On the premises of the monastery, the Castle in Zdiar on the Sasau was built, combining still Gothic residential and church buildings with a late-Baroque residence. Currently, there is an interactive New Generation Museum in the castle, and the entire complex is a great attraction of Ždiar on the Sasau River.

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