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Sychrov is a small town in the popular tourist region of Bohemian Paradise. There is a neo-Gothic mansion now open to the public and surrounded by extensive gardens.

In the Middle Ages, a small Gothic defensive castle stood in Sychrov. Gradually, in the following centuries, it was rebuilt and lost its original character, becoming a Renaissance and then a Baroque residence. In its history it was, among others to Albrecht Waldstein, one of the main commanders and politicians of the Thirty Years' War.

However, the greatest splendor of Sychrov Castle came in the 19th century, thanks to the Rohan family. They rebuilt the castle in the romantic neo-gothic style and surrounded it with a park. After 1945, the residence was immediately used as a museum, thanks to which its interior was not damaged. Today, visitors can see the original interior of the representative and private rooms from the 19th century.

Apart from the castle, the attraction of Sychrov is the landscape park surrounding the building. There are many walking paths and places to rest there.

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