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Nedvědice is a picturesque, historic town situated by fish ponds. Their main monument is the medieval Pernštejn Castle, considered one of the most beautiful in Moravia.

The town is situated among forested hills, on the shore of several ponds. They were built in the Middle Ages, and the whole area was then known for fish farming. To this day, only a part of the ponds have survived and form a nice setting for the historic architecture of Nedvědice.

The greatest attraction of Nedvědice and an important monument in the whole of Moravia is the Pernštejn Castle. It was built in the 13th century and was rebuilt several times until the 16th century. The appearance today largely corresponds to what it looked like in the late Middle Ages. However, the interiors are mostly decorated in line with the spirit of the Baroque. Today, they attract tourists who can explore the castle through various routes. The most important places in the stronghold are the decorated Knight's Hall, the chapel, the barbican and the tower from which you can see the panorama of the area.

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