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Mnetěš is a village situated at the foot of the basaltic mountain Rip. It is at its top that the most important monument of the area is located, the Romanesque rotunda of St. George and St. Wojciech.

The village was founded in the Middle Ages and is still mainly agricultural today. Tourists visit it mainly because of the proximity to one of the most important Czech national monuments.

Rotunda of St. George and St. Adalbert was built at the turn of the 11th and 12th centuries. The first mention of it comes from 1126, when Duke Sobiesław I founded its tower after the victory of the Battle of Chlumec.

According to the records from the chronicle of Dalimil, it was Mount Rip that was supposed to be the place where the ancestors of the Czechs, led by the legendary Czech, settled. Therefore, from the 17th century, when the state was under more and more influence and dependence on Austria, the rotunda became a place of national pilgrimages and a center of cultivating native history.

Today, the church is both a pilgrimage site and an important testimony to Czech history.

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