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Misto is a village at the foot of Krusne hills. In the past, it was a small town, and today a baroque church, several roadside sculptures and the ruins of a gothic castle have been preserved here.

The settlement in this place probably existed already around 1000, but it was officially founded in the 14th century. It was associated with the neighboring Hasištejn Castle, which remains the main attraction of the City to this day.

The castle is in ruins, but its body with corner towers, courtyard and defensive walls are perfectly visible. The ruins are open to the public and secured so that they can be safely navigated.

In the small town you can also see the baroque church of the Holy Trinity, next to which stands the Holy Trinity Column. There is also a Marian Column from the same period in the village.

The hilly surroundings of Mista are perfect for hiking. During them you can find min. remnants of old drifts where iron and silver ore are mined.

МистоПопулярное в этом районе

(расстояние от центра города)