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Jetřichovice is a small tourist destination on the border of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. There are many hiking trails in its vicinity that lead to magnificent rock outcrops. The most famous are Jetřichovice steny.

The village is the second most important tourist center of Bohemian Switzerland, next to Hrensko. There are a dozen or so hiking trails in its vicinity. Some of them lead through the entire region and bring them all the way to Hrensko and its surroundings by min. Prawcicka Brama or the famous Suoteski.

The immediate surroundings of Jetřichovice are very scenic. Their biggest attraction is the rock Šaunštejn Castle, where you can move around a system of ladders and bridges hanging over the abysses. There are beautiful views of Bohemian Switzerland from the viewing platforms.

There are also other interesting rock outcrops around Jetřichovice. One of them is the Little Pravcicka Gate, a rock bridge that looks like a reduced copy of the most important natural attraction in Bohemian Switzerland. There are also beautiful outcrops on the Castle Hill, and the Jetřichovicke Stens, which look like huge pillars and walls set in the middle of the forest, make a great impression.

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