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Jaromierz is a town with medieval roots, the most important monument of which is the 18th century fortress. It creates a separate district with well-preserved undergrounds.

The city was founded in the 12th or 13th century at the confluence of the Upa, Metuja and Elbe rivers. To this day, the elongated medieval square with the cathedral of St. Nicholas. There are also a lot of historic tenement houses, the classicist Wenke Department Store, which today houses a gallery, and a baroque Marian column.

In the 18th century, the fortified town of Josfov was established on the other side of the river, and is now a district of Jaroměř. It is a fortress built according to the plans of French military engineers, one of the best examples of the then defense architecture in Europe.

The fortress is currently the biggest attraction of Jaromierz. It consists of above-ground buildings and a labyrinth of corridors that are currently used for exhibition and tourist purposes. Especially frequently visited is Josefov Fortress - Bastion I and the underground, where there is an exhibition of military equipment and an underground art gallery.

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