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Dolní Morava is a tourist town at the foot of the Sudetes. There is the famous Path in the Clouds, around which a thriving recreational center with summer and winter attractions for the whole family has developed.

Today, a small village is geared primarily to serving tourists. In winter, there are 7 ski slopes of varying difficulty, artificially snowed, groomed and illuminated. They are located at an altitude of 750 to 1150 m above sea level

The biggest attraction in Dolní Morava is the Path in the Clouds, an unusual lookout tower with a 710 m long walkway over the treetops. The tower is over 50 m high, and you can also return from the top by a 100-meter slide.

Many additional attractions have sprung up around the path. These include mountain railway, year-round bobsleigh track, amusement park for children, go-kart track, rope park. You can also take a trip to the Stamichman Adit, rent mountain bikes and try your hand at downhill routes, and scooters on special large wheels intended for downhill skiing.

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