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Čestlice is a small town near Prague, which is famous for the largest water park in the Czech Republic. Currently, many service points and guesthouses have arisen around it, which are the back-up for tourists visiting this place.

Although the town was mentioned as early as in the 13th century, no significant monuments have survived here. In the past, it was primarily an agricultural and trade settlement, one of many in the immediate and more distant surroundings of the Czech capital.

The tourist boom of Čestlic came with the construction of the biggest attractions in the vicinity of the Aquapalace Praga water park. In addition to the swimming pools, the recreational complex includes a sauna, spa and wellness center, rooms for various forms of gymnastics, physiotherapeutic offices, restaurants, bars and a hotel.

The water park provides entertainment for people of all ages. There are swimming pools of various depths, both relaxation and sports, jacuzzi, artificial river, paddling pools for children, water playgrounds and many other attractions.

ČestliceПопулярное в этом районе

(расстояние от центра города)