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Konjic is often called the Gate of Herzegovina because of its location on the route between Sarajevo and Mostar close to the border between the two parts of the state. Although there are not many monuments here, it is compensated by the wonderful surroundings of the Dinaric Mountains and the blue waters of the Neretva, which is known in this place for its rafting opportunities.

The city was founded during the Turkish rule, but few monuments from that period have survived to our times. Most of them, including the famous Old Stone Bridge and the Mehmed-Chaus Mosque, were destroyed during the Balkan war and today you can see their reconstructions.

The main attraction of Konjica is the possibility of active tourism. Rafting and canoeing trips are organized in the Neretva River, in which several local companies specialize, such as Raft Kor, Eco Vision Rafting on the Neretva River or Džajića buk.

Trips to Marshal Józef Broz-Tito's fallout shelter in the mountains, which can now be visited with a guide, are also very popular.

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