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Dewin is a tourist and thermal spa town situated in the picturesque karst region of Trigrad-Jagodina. In the area, there are caves open to the public, numerous gorges and fancy rock outcrops.

The village is located in a mountain valley and is a good starting point for hiking in the area. The local karst gorges, such as the Trigrad Gorge and the Struilitsa - Kaleto - Lakata eco-trail, are particularly popular. Tourists also like to go to the Samodivsko Praskalo Waterfall and to the Czerowny Kamień viewpoint. There are two caves open to the public, the Devil's Throat Cave and the Jagodinska Cave.

The biggest attraction of Dewin are the local thermal springs. They are used, among others at Aquapark Persenk and Spa Struilitsa. Also some hotels and resorts have their own thermal pools.

An interesting historical attraction are the ruins of the Kavursko fortress from the Turkish times, and in the city you can also visit the Bear Museum.

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