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Biological Museum

Local name: Biologiska museet

At the Natural History Museum (Biologiska museet) on Djurgården Island in Stockholm, you can see a collection of stuffed birds and mammals from Europe. The objects were displayed in dioramas, the artist Bruno Liljefors worked on creating the background. The animals are presented against the background of Scandinavian nature.

Visitors will see about 300 representatives of European fauna here. The collection is illuminated by natural light that falls inside through large windows. Educational activities for students are organized here.

The founder of the museum is the Swedish zoologist and traveler Gustaf Kolthoff. The building was built in 1893, it was designed by the architect Agi Lindegren, who was inspired by medieval Norwegian wooden churches, the so-called Stave Church. The roof and façade were fully covered with shingles.



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Karolinska Skolan 701 35 Örebro, Sweden